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Thomson Masterpiece Seat Post - Setback


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Masterpiece by name, masterpiece by nature. The Thomson Masterpiece is the top drawer seatpost option for discerning riders looking for a post which is as strong as an ox, as handsome as they come and (almost but not quite) as light as a feather. The setback option of the Masterpiece provides riders with 16mm of setback, making it an ideal option if you would like to move your weight further back, adjust the position of your hips and knees relative to the pedals or if you have a saddle with short saddle rails and just need a bit more fore and aft adjustment than your current seatpost provides. If you are more interested in a standard straight seatpost configuration but like the look of the Masterpiece then check out the inline option.

Whilst the Elite is Thomson’s most well-known seatpost, regarded by many as one of the best seatposts available, the Masterpiece is the Elite’s sexier cousin, with a lighter weight but the same strength and performance qualities of the Elite. The Masterpiece is very light, around 40g lighter than an equivalently sized Elite seatpost (which are in themselves a competitive weight). This makes the Masterpiece approximately 160g in a typical road post width and around 190g in a typical MTB post width. The Masterpiece, like the Elite, looks stunning, the result of the CNC machining process which Thomson uses to make its seatposts. It is as strong as the Elite (40% stronger than rivals in ultimate strength tests) and also has an extra long seat rail grip length which helps prevent saddle rails bending under impact loads. Like the Elite, its post-impact performance has also been considered, and the Masterpiece is designed to bend rather than snap in the event of a catastrophic failure, and its saddle clamp is designed to flex if impacted to protect the rider and saddle/saddle rails.

The Masterpiece has excellent saddle adjustability, with a clamp design which allows for infinite adjustment combined with a broad range from minus 5° to plus 29°. The Masterpiece setback option would be ideal for riders looking for a lightweight, reliable, long lasting and beautiful seatpost with some setback for optimising fit and positioning on the bike.

Thomson Masterpiece Seat Post - Setback

188,33 €
Gagner des 160 cycliste Points quand vous achetez ce produit
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In Detail
  • Material: high strength 7000 series aluminum for superior strength and low weight
  • Certified to: EN 14766 2006 MTB
  • Saddle angle adjustment: minus 5° to plus 29°
  • Seat rail grip length: 41mm
  • Minimum insertion: approximately 62mm
  • Can be used for cross-country mountain biking by riders who weigh 200lbs (90kg) or less
  • Very lightweight (40g lighter than the equivalent size Elite post)
  • Saddle angle can be finely tuned through the infinite tilt saddle clamp
  • 40% stronger than other production seatposts on ultimate strength tests
  • Has Thomson’s legendary strength and functionality
  • Designed to bend not snap to prevent catastrophic failure
  • Can be used with carbon saddle rails
  • Each lot of seatposts is strenuously tested to ensure quality
  • Lightly grease seatpost before inserting into seat tube
  • To prevent the post sticking in the frame, remove, clean, and re-install it every 90 days
  • Do not use grease with a carbon frame, instead a carbon assembly compound can be used
  • Pay attention to any torque requirements and use a torque wrench to tighten, especially with carbon frames
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Thomson Masterpiece Seat Post - Setback
188,33 €

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