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Thomson Elite Seat Post - Setback


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If you’re not familiar with the idea of the setback seatpost, you may have noticed riders sporting a funny bent-looking seatpost and wondered to yourself about the rationale behind the big kink in their seatpost. Setback seatposts can be beneficial in a number of circumstances: if you wish to alter your position above the pedals (and through this the relationship between your knee and the bike’s pedal axle), to allow a short-railed saddle to be moved further backwards than with an inline post, or to shift your weight backwards on the bike for bike-handling purposes. The Thomson Elite is probably the most ubiquitous setback seatpost, so chances are that any weird kinky seatposts you have noticed (whether at audax, cycling festival or trail centre) have been one of these beauts.

The Elite seatpost is incredibly popular for good reason: it is strong, light and looks sexy as hell! The CNC machining process gives the Elite a really beautiful finish as well as making it super strong - 40% stronger than the strongest production seatposts on ultimate strength tests. Despite its mammoth strength, the Elite is surprisingly light (around 201g for the road version and around 228g for the mountain bike version). Another reason for the Elite being a favourite among riders is that it allows you to adjust your saddle to the exact angle you want it (the clamp ‘slides’ rather than ‘ratchets’ between angle adjustments - this is also known as ‘infinite tilt adjustment’). It also has longer than average seat rail grip lengths, which help prevent saddle rails from bending from impact loads.

The design of the Elite goes beyond how it performs in regular use to how it performs in the event of an impact. If a severe impact does occur, the seatpost is designed to bend rather than snap, to give warning in advance that something is up. Additionally, the saddle clamp will spread and flex to protect the rider, saddle and saddle rail if it does experience an impact. If you’re in the market for a setback seatpost with a bit of pizzazz which will be as reliable as the proverbial trusty old steed then you almost need look no further than the Thomson Elite setback seatpost. If you're looking for a more standard straight post configuration, the inline option might be more suitable.

Thomson Elite Seat Post - Setback

103,82 €
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In Detail
  • Provides 16mm of setback
  • Material: High strength 7000 series aluminum
  • Weight: approximately 201 grams (250 length) for road bikes and 228 grams (330 length) for mountain bikes
  • Certified to: EN 14766 2006 MTB and DIN CERTCO: 2006 MTB
  • Saddle adjustment: infinite tilt adjustment from minus 5° and plus 29°
  • Minimum insertion: approximately 98mm
  • 40% stronger on ultimate strength tests than the strongest production seatposts on the market
  • Double the fatigue life of any other production models tested
  • Incorporates a bending fuse to prevent catastrophic failure
  • Effectively no rider weight limit
  • Can be used with saddles with carbon saddle rails
  • Feel assured in the quality of the seatpost as each production lot of seatposts is meticulously tested by Thomson
  • Lightly grease seatpost before inserting into seat tube
  • To prevent the post sticking in the frame, remove, clean, and re-install it every 90 days
  • Do not use grease with a carbon frame, instead a carbon assembly compound can be used
  • Pay attention to any torque requirements and use a torque wrench to tighten, especially with carbon frames
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Thomson Elite Seat Post - Setback
103,82 €

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