Sidi Genius 5 Fit Carbon Road Shoe - Mega


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Do you long for a decent pair of well fitting road cycling shoes but struggle to find an option which offers a comfortable fit because you have wide feet? If this is a problem you are all too familiar with, the Mega (i.e. wider fitting) version of Sidi’s Genius 5 Fit carbon road shoes could be worth a shot. The shoes are designed to fit EE or EEE width (the standard shoe width is D or E) and are 4mm wider across the ball of the foot than the standard version of the Genius 5. They also provide additional volume for higher insteps and have a wider heel cup, making the fit more comfortable all round for riders who are endowed with more meaty feet.

So, in addition to this extra room for wide-footed riders, what does the Sidi Genius 5 Fit Carbon road shoe have to offer? Sidi has covered all bases in terms of what you might want from a road shoe of this calibre in the Genius 5, which has sophisticated fit and comfort-enhancing features, a sole design which facilitates effective power transfer, and a lightweight but durable construction. The highly sophisticated micro-adjustable Soft Instep Closure System can be adjusted from both sides to achieve the optimum fit, and will distribute pressure evenly over the instep area. The main caliper buckle can be adjusted on the trot (ideal for racing) whilst the high security polymer-toothed velcro which is used to secure the two subsidiary straps makes for a super-secure fit.

The stiff carbon composite sole provides effective power transfer and is constructed to remain rigid after prolonged use. The sole also boasts a replaceable polyurethane heel pad and anti-slip toe insert for incident-free coffee stops. The Genius 5’s three bolt cleat mounting system is designed for effortless cleat fitting, with a fore/aft cleat alignment scale printed onto the sole as well as use of the Look Memory Eyelet system so that when you need to replace your cleats a straightforward switchover is possible and no realignment is necessary. The Genius 5 Fit Carbons are designed to be very durable, with a reinforced heel and mechanically stable sole construction for continued performance and stiffness after prolonged use. Additionally, many parts (such as the heel pad and Soft Instep Closure System) can be replaced if necessary.

Sidi Genius 5 Fit Carbon Road Shoe - Mega

175,39 €
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  • Semelle carbone
  • Pédale style route
  • Grand-route
In Detail
  • ’Mega’ fit for wide feet
  • Upper: Microfibre Microtech and Nylon Mesh
  • Sole: Millennium 4 Carbon Composite
  • Soft Instep 2 dual sided micro-adjustable calliper buckle fixing and two locking polymer teeth velcro fixings
  • Reinforced heel cup
  • Main Soft Instep 2 closure system and polyurethane heel pad are replaceable
  • Low weight, comfort and performance-oriented shoe
  • Main strap can be adjusted from both sides and is ergonomically shaped and EVA padded for the perfect comfortable fit
  • Available in half sizes
  • Now riders with wide feet can enjoy the high quality shoe experience Sidis offer!
  • Wipe clean
  • Use overshoes or Belgian booties in winter to keep them clean
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Sidi Genius 5 Fit Carbon Road Shoe - Mega
175,39 €
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