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Back in 2010, Strawfoot bags founder Garrett Kautz bought an industrial sewing machine (a Consew, for sewing machine connoisseurs out there), and, with a desire to learn a new skill set as a creative outlet, developed a small range of tote bags and surfboard covers. As frequently happens when ideas and inertia are born out of a desire to make a great product, Garrett's new hobby snowballed into a business and Strawfoot Bags was born.

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Garrett has since moved on from surfboard covers and tote bags to bike bags, accessory bags, and one-offs, all to great acclaim from those in the know. In 2014 Vince joined Strawfoot adding the extra manpower to take the brand international and fulfill the demand coming from outside Strawfoot’s home state. Fuelled entirely by the enjoyment of crafting something from fabric, Strawfoot will continue to make bags, backpacks, bike bags and pretty much anything they fancy. Now that’s a vibe we can get behind!

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