Worked into popular culture with every rivet, stitch and crease since Levi Strauss co-invented the blue jean back in 1873 (just 7 years after Brooks England got their saddle business rolling in England!), Levi’s® jeans are worn the world over by denim lovers in every walk of life, and now, thanks to the Levi's® Commuter Collection, by cyclists too!
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A few seasons back, Levi’s® introduced their Levi’s® Commuter collection - a reinforced, water repellent, over-engineered and cycling-detail orientated range, spearheaded by the guys at the brand’s US HQ in San Francisco who yearned to ride the Levi’s® they loved, tailored with a cycling focus. The result is a small but considered collection of Levi’s® cycling jeans, tops, jacket and some artist designed lifestyle-wear.
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