Wiggins, phoning home and Italian pump artists

We'll have to seek your apologies for less than regular news updates. The recently redesigned and tech-ported site, full to bursting of swank as it is, has been keeping us busier than FIFA's file shredders of late, but we're back on top form, saddle side up and raring to go.

Difficult thing, aplomb. You've either got it or you haven't. Of course, having it and not knowing you've got it is all too common.

"Look at that guy, he rode off, with aplomb!"

"Did he? Well he better bring her back, she's still got to work the afternoon shift."

Bradley Wiggins, now there's a man with a goodly serving. After recently smashing the Hour Record whilst wearing the new Speedplay Walkable Cleats, rumour has it that he then beat another hour record. We'd all like to extend hearty congratulations to Bradley for managing to eat 10 steadfastly inedible post-ride nutrition bars in under an hour and not throw up. Top man.

When you're at the top of a mountain, wheels pointing downwards towards a stretch of teasingly inviting switchback, take a moment to consider your poor old mother. You haven't called her in weeks, and you know she's waiting by the phone with ready-for-the-press news of lost keys, that man on TV who's now an Anglophile but-you-know-I-always-suspected-it, and the small size of Weetabix these days. We exist to serve, and your mum will certainly thank us for adding Platypus trail packs to the site this week. From the Tokul CX to the Endure Duthie collection, stashing your kit and keeping the (old) bat phone to hand has never been easier.

A good cycling glove is harder to find than an easier gear on Mont Ventoux. Renowned in outdoor circles, Hestra of Sweden have been making gloves since 1936, but their bike glove collection is perhaps less well-known in the cycling world. Our schtick has always been to bring you the fledglings, start-ups and strangely under-represented players in the bike industry, and with Hestra, we think you'll love their clean designs and outstanding quality.

Felice Sacchi might sound like a name that could shift a barrowful of art, but back in 1917, Felice established Silca pumps in Milan, and proceeded to make the finest track pumps known to man or bike mechanic.

Interbike awarded and well-reviewed by the cycling community, their Ultimate Frame Pump (not a sarcastic name) might just be all that. Downsides? Well, it is priced higher than Alberto Contador's favourite toe and more lust-worthy than triple butted Reynolds 501, so wanting it could very well nix that equally priced (ahem) headphone purchase you had in mind.

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