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Growing a business? Why, that's tougher than juggling snowballs through hell. In fact, although lacking in eternal damnation ball balancing know-how, we can imagine that growing a business is actually harder. However, the one thing that can placate angry Beelzebub (for he is always angry, it's his schtick) is finding great people to join your team, in our case the Always Riding peloton; a happy band of domestiques currently numbering three, but looking to become four.

Big companies of course employ a lot of people, but the benefit of starting in a recession as Leire and I did when we began our Always Riding adventure back in '08 is that you learn to be lean, nimble and unburdened by accepted practices (dogma). Why outsource when you can learn it yourself, and why employ more people when you can just better organise your time and well, work harder. So, we did, and this took us through to September last year when Danny joined our team, followed swiftly (for us anyway) by Alex back in spring.

With thanks to our wonderful customers, the Always Riding bicycle rolls ever faster and travels ever wider, which neatly brings us to mid-2014, surrounded by weather more petulant than a Team Sky training camp, as we look to grow the team and bolster our administration and customer service elements with super domestique numero cuatro. Mixing pigeon French and Spanish - oh the humanity!

If you would like to join us at our base in Hampton, take a look at the job description right here, and if you feel that it's right for you, don't hesitate to apply.

Pete - Always Riding

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About the Rider: Peter
Co-founder of Always Riding, Pete enjoys road, trail and a good city commute. Most of all though, he loves chatting to other riders, the mid-ride stop after a leg-breaking ascent, and a cup of tea at the end of the ride. There is no truth in the rumour that he likes to wear women's clothes and hang around in bars. No truth at all.
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