Turbo Trainer Film Delights

You are on the turbo trainer in the back room (or garage...). Rain, monsoon like and dreadful in its ferocity incessantly pounds the window. A desperate need to retain the last vestiges of pre-Christmas form has propelled you to this cave of suffering. A blank wall, suffused with the day's dying light, echos back your every exhalation, creak, squeak and groan. If only there was some way of escaping this turbo monotony, to take the mind to another place, a place where action-fuelled adrenaline pumping synapses click and whirr like the inside of a Swiss watch.

The answer of course, is Turbo Entertainment.

For Always Riding, turbo training media of choice is back to back Star Trek movies; for nothing takes you away from a monotonous turbo session like the exploration of another galaxy, to boldly go where no cyclist has gone before! Failing that, anything with a space element, a monster to be destroyed, or a Superhero to save the day.

Fellow riders, what be your turbo entertainment? (Pirate movie reference - so close to grammatical mistake it required an explanation)

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