As the gambling adage goes, the house always wins, and with the sleek stylings and racing cut of Ornot's latest releases, we're compelled to agree. Fresh off the plane, the new Ornot collection of House Jerseys have arrived from their home in the US, and are looking keen.

Splitting the choice three ways, the new jerseys maintain Ornot's minimal shout credentials whilst slipping in the sort of design touches that have seen this west coast brand gain a dedicated following on this side of the pond. With the house red coming in the form of the Plum Jersey, and the Blue Line Jersey providing recognised Ornot style, this capsule collection is completed by the Classic Black Jersey - already set to be a timeless piece.


Ornot House Jerseys - The Tech Spec

Aside from their minimalist design, the House Jerseys are built to perform better than ever before. Having been tinkering away with prototypes for over a year, Ornot have finally set everything from zip lengths, cuff measurements & pocket depths at their optimum, divined by actual riding out on the roads, by proper rider types.

With the goal being to create a jersey for every ride, these jerseys feature a slimmer, articulated cut, crafted from a fabric choice that tends towards ultra-lightweight, with micro fiber spandex panelling for aerodynamics and better breathability. As with the rest of the Ornot range, the House Jerseys are conceived in San Fran, and made in California.

They’re redesigned to fit just right, with a slimmer, articulated cut, including a shortened center front. Even the zipper has been redesigned to be lightweight, allowing the jersey to lay as flat as possible.

The Radavist

Set to land imminently, we're anticipating that these desirable jerseys won't be sticking around for long, because, quite frankly, the Always Riding Team are already calling dibs and contesting uncountable paper, rock, scissors tournaments in order to lay claim to them. In the meantime, you can take a sneak peak at each jersey from the new range below, plus the latest additions to the Ornot range. See how well we look after you?

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