In boxing parlance, welterweight sits between lightweight and middleweight. Known for its knock-out combo of speed and toughness, it doesn’t take a great leap of imagination to see why the new Chrome Industries Welterweight bag collection has been so named. Built with lighter fabrics and an aluminium buckle hollowing out the weight alongside uprated reflective tech, the new line looks forward to what the next evolution of Chrome’s bags could look like.

How low can you go?

Owners of a Chrome messenger, sling, pack or bag, will of course already know that their much-heralded reputation for toughness is not overstated. Newbies to the brand take note: if you are ever in the unfortunate position of having to shimmy out of a window to escape your sworn enemy and nemesis, you better hope it’s a Chrome product you end up hanging from as the aforementioned nemesis hauls you back up (big on toughness, but not necessarily built with long enough straps to abseil nemesis-fleeing heights).

So what did the tech-heads at Chrome do for the Welterweight series? First, they halved the weight over a non-Welterweight bag by using 500d nylon exterior and 300d tarpaulin lining - a compelling blend that upholds Chrome’s rigorous abrasion resistance and overall toughness standards. Secondly, they swapped out the steel of their iconic buckle for a newly-designed aluminium model that cuts almost half the weight of the steel. Wowzers.

The Chrome Welterweight Collection

Let there be…something

Turns out, reflective stuff is usually made from thousands of little glass beads glued to a surface like so many reluctant minions made to dance-baby-dance when light comes their way. Unfortunately, whilst darn effective, it can be delicate and oftentimes not an ideal base colour.

With the new Welterweight series, Chrome found a retroreflective fabric made out of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), that when combined with a retroreflective backing, reflects a heap of light (science, pah), and at a combined grammage way under Chrome’s normal tarpaulin that they use for accent panels.

So there you have it: new materials & new concepts meets Chromes’s classic bags. Nothing lost, everything gained.

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