Tees inspired by cycling folklore - Whitstable T-Shirt Co

Whitstable T-Shirt Co, a father and son team who like going to cycling races. There is something about the cycling industry that really encourages this kind of enterprise. A simple idea with not a shred of pretense that shows an obvious depth for two people's enjoyment of the sport. Their design inspiration stems from years watching the pros at home and abroad, combined with odd photographs, ticket stubs, newspaper headlines or race program paraphernalia collected over the years.


Whitstable T-Shirt Co


Printed by hand in Whitstable, Kent the setting only goes further to enhance the brand's ethos. The historic seaside town dates its origins back to writings in the Domesday book whilst its famous oysters have been collected since Roman times. East of London, just north of Canterbury, Whitstable has some fine cycling countryside on its doorstep with the lanes of Kent regularly welcoming city and country riders alike.


Whitstable T-Shirt Co


The t-shirts themselves are manufactured according to Fair Wear Guidelines meaning the carbon footprint of production is reduced by 90% and no harmful nastiness has come anywhere near these 100% organic cotton tees. When the tees arrive at the workshop they are transferred onto the printer where each one is printed up by hand, folded, packaged ready for our admiration when they arrive with us here at Always Riding.


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