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Talking lotions: DZ Nuts & Sportique now in store

Eagle-eyed followers of Always Riding will have seen a new category called Chamois Cream & Embrocation pop up recently. This new category is our entry into the world of cycling chamois cream, and, for want of a better word 'Embrocation' - which covers both pre-ride warm up creams and post-bike massage treatments.

Newly minted road cyclists, we hear you - just when you thought you'd got a handle on the whole bib short / leg shaving thing, here comes a new wholly confounding part of road riding biking culture just to confuse matters further! However, do not despair - the main thing to take away from this blog post is that really, none of this is mandatory. Chamois creams and lotions certainly help alleviate saddle discomfort, and embrocation is a great asset on cold, filthy days, but many riders do get on perfectly well without any assistance in this area. Our advice is to judge any new purchase by your own requirements, not by what other riders do. If you have saddle discomfort, then trying out a chamois cream should be on your to-do list - but so should checking your saddle, bib shorts and riding technique to see if the source of discomfort lies elsewhere.

Slowly getting to the point then, we have now added US brand DZ Nuts (created by champion US cyclist Dave Zabriskie no less) and Sportique Skin Care to the site. Both brands offer products formulated with a big focus on botanicals, so we feel very comfortable offering them to our rider base, safe in the knowledge they do not contain any old-school ingredients that are now known to have a less than positive effect on the skin.

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