Received your henty Wingman Suit Bag? Here's how to rib it

Happy suit wearing recipient of the Henty Wingman Suit Bag? Great to hear. Your days of rumpled suits, dresses and shirts are now over. However, before starting your Henty journey, please spend a moment inserting the ribs into the sleeves following our guide below or by watching the video.

Fitting Notes

  • Insert the ribs with caution, they are a close fit into the sleeve. Whilst Henty have taken care to round the edges of the ribs, some edges may remain, so be careful when handling and inserting (normal household scissors can be used to trim the ribs if you are worried)
  • Take particular care not to crease the ribs, rip the liner or stitching and make sure they are guided into the reinforced internal tarpaulin pouches at either end - Henty recommend laying the wingman flat on the floor
  • Insert the ribs in the top section first, and guiding the ribs over the two horizontal struts. Ensure the ribs are pushed all the way home, into the reinforced pockets
  • Once the top section has been inserted, you now need to insert the bottom section. This requires you to carefully bend and insert the bottom end of the rib, in a controlled manner, and ensure it reaches the reinforced pocket at the end. Once the batten is in place, velcro the liner flap in place to hide the rib
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