POC AVIP - New Arrival

POC AVIP (Attention, Visibility, Interaction, Protection) a new concept by Swedish brand POC forms the core of their debut road collection. New to Always Riding both as a brand and as a range the ideas that POC put forward are at the forefront of cycling safety, aerodynamics and performance.


The simple idea of attention grabbing colours and designs to ensure motorists and other road users notice and quickly recognise a cyclist.


An obvious requirement for cycling, POC have looked at how the human eye sees colour and have specifically chosen a colour palette to maximise visibility. Fluorescent orange, featuring throughout the range, most notably in the POC Octal Helmet, is both highly visible and provides the best contrast against a variety of backgrounds. POC learned that contrast is all important in visibility - traditional fluorescent green for example actually provides poor contrast against a green background such as a grass verge, hedge or woodland.




Optic White and Navy/Black complete the POC AVIP colour palette, again for their enhanced contrast to POC's signature orange.



POC AVIP helmets are also compatible with the ICEdot Crash Sensor. When paired to a smartphone the ICEdot sensor is able to detect motion and impact. In the event of a crash the device recognises the impact and triggers the app to send a message with your GPS to preset contacts.




In addition an ICE Tag can be fitted to the helmet allowing those first on the scene or medical personnel to scan the tag and get both personal and medical information such as blood group or allergies that can be vital for correct treatment.




Forming the core of POCs expertise, the team at the POC lab have combined all their knowledge from snow sports and MTB to take a new approach to the road helmet market - their designs certainly don't look like anything currently on the market. Improved protection in key areas such as the side and back of the helmet have been combined with a fully wrapped uni-body construction to give the rider greater coverage without compromising on weight or aerodynamics.

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