New Year’s Resolutions for Cyclists

The New Year is the traditional time for setting personal goals and ambitions for the year ahead, goals which are normally related to doing less of what we feel is bad for us and more of what we feel would be good. Whilst one of the most renowned aspects of New Year’s resolutions is how quickly they are broken, some of us (idiots!) still continue to set them annually, in the hope of improving our lot in the year ahead.

Here at Always Riding we’ve been having a think about what we want to achieve in relation to cycling this year. Read on for our New Year’s resolutions for 2016, the silly and the sensible.


Alex’s New Year’s resolution for 2016: learn to wheelie

“I see kids doing it all the time and they make it look so easy, the little blighters.”



Something for Alex to aspire to? (Image: "Wheelie" by Kumar McMillan is licensed under CC BY 2.0)


Anne’s New Year’s resolution for 2016: learn some yoga

“This is one of those things which I know will be good for me which I’ve been meaning to try for a while… I’m hoping YouTube has some good videos so I can try it out at home and get into a routine of regular yoga to counterbalance the muscle tightness cycling causes and also to increase my core strength. I know I’ll be riding through 2016 anyway; this will be a great way to enhance that riding.”



Yoga for the cycling win! (Image: "Yoga in the mountains" by Tomas Sobek is licensed under CC BY 2.0)


Danny’s New Year’s resolution for 2016: eat less crumpets

“We eat a possibly unhealthy number of crumpets at Always Riding HQ. It doesn’t take a nutritionist to tell you that this is not a healthy option in the long run… toast will suffice.”



Crumpets: an irresistible snack for Always Riding crew (Image: "Marmitey crumpets" by Angie Muldowney is licensed under CC BY 2.0)


Pete’s New Year’s resolution for 2016: Stop reading/watching the news

“As a fundamentally flawed individual, choosing which part of my character to improve upon the start of a new year is never a simple task. However, this year I think I've finally come up with a good idea: stop reading or watching the news. Yes, the news. That daily grind of awful happenings, fateful events, and panda fatalities. My vow (which writing this on January 11th has so far held firm) is to not read nor watch the news, and hopefully feel better for it!"

Will’s New Year’s resolution for 2016: one pre-work cycle per week

“Having moved to what is both a pitiable and, weather depending, hugely enviable distance away from Always Riding HQ, going door to door is just not enough for a guy in the grip of a deepening caramel square addiction. So, time to turn back the arm on the alarm clock and take in first light festooned in lycra.”

Shared New Year’s resolution for 2016: take part in the Pannier Weekender and Loaded Hill Climb event (Friday 22 - Sunday 24 April 2016)

Beautiful scenery, challenging terrain, guaranteed good company, what more could you ask for when off on a weekend of riding?



Check out those contours! (Image: Courtesy of Pannier CC)


We hope you are inspired/amused by our New Year's resolutions for cycling for 2016 and wish you well in your cycling goals and ambitions for the coming year!

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