New season Craft Warm Wool Base Layers & Underwear hit the store

Autumnal days are a true delight on the bike. Crisp starts, clear skies and chasing the sunset are what makes this season great, but with the addition of new Craft Warm Wool lines for AW15, our favourite time of year just got a whole lot better.

In handsome Swedish Blue and of course, the regular Black staple, the Craft Warm Wool Base Layer is a fine first layer for heading out into frosty conditions. Complemented by the ever popular Warm Underpants (actually leggings - ignore the name), and as a double-act first layer, you can probably do no better.

As well as the men’s versions, we’ve added Craft bases for women too; which is all part of our commitment to extend the same breadth of kit to female cyclists. We have a ways to go on that, but we know where we’d like to be, so hang on in there!


Craft Warm


Craft Warm Women

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