Maglianera - Cycling Socks to Blow Away the Winter Cobwebs

Maglianera Cycling, purveyors of some of the boldest cycling socks you've seen, take their name from Giro d’Italia folklore, blending a colour palette that would make even the most daring of continental cyclists blush.

The Maglian Nera, like the albeit longer lasting Latern Rouge in the Tour de France, was awarded at the Giro d’Italia to the rider who worked incredibly hard, achieved little fanfare and finished last, nonetheless within the maximum time limit. The official Black Jersey was only issued between 1946-1951 but in those years riders tried their darnedest to win it - hiding in haystacks or trying to get punctures were risky tactics considering they still had to finish within the time limit.


This Black Jersey tradition seems to have originated with the peppily named Giuseppe Ticozzelli back in 1926. Giuseppe was a footballer riding the Giro in support of a friend and cyclist, but as he was not associated with a team he wore his football jersey, an all black kit at that. Daringly, he arrived at the Giro in a taxi, usually minutes before the day's racing started, then proceeded to ride flat out until an accident forced him out after only three stages.


Magliannera Shock Sock Maglianera Miami Sock


Fascinated by this aim of just getting across the finish line, startup Italian brand Maglianera took their name from the Black Jersey, cunningly blending both words in a respectful mashup that certainly ticks all the boxes for Giro aficionados. Of course, far from being a sign of failure, the honor of winning the Maglia Nera was seen as an acknowledgement of the dedication it took for a rider to pull themselves over climbs, down mountain passes and through early season weather, waiting for their moment to selflessly help a friend.


Maglianera have designed their cycling socks, yes with a bit of fun and nod to the sport's heyday, but also to encourage riders of all levels, not just those who win Grand Tours. As the Black Jersey proves, it is often the rider who finishes last that has overcome the most to cross the finish line within the time limit.

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