Often the greatest ideas come out of the most unfortunate of circumstances. This was certainly the case with cycle clothing brand Lumo, which was started by founder Doug Bairner and his partner (now wife) Lucy after Doug had been knocked off his bike by a car driver who had failed to see him in the dark jacket he was riding in. Luckily for him, no permanent damage was done, and luckily for us this unfortunate event led to the development of Lumo’s innovative cycle clothing and accessories.


Lumo jackets and bags all incorporate a waterproof LED system which is fully concealed when not in use but, when turned on, substantially enhances your visibility on the bike. Both jackets and bags are equipped with strips of white LEDs at the front and red LEDs at the rear which supplement your existing bike lights. The lights operate for 4-9 hours before they need recharging and an integrated battery life indicator makes it easy to monitor battery life. In addition to having a very innovative, unique lighting system, Lumo products are made from top quality, technical fabrics - fabrics which “wouldn't look out of place in a designer clothes store yet come straight from a science lab”. Their stylish but practical tailoring (inspired by classic British styles of outerwear) came about because Doug, like countless other urban cyclists, didn’t want to sacrifice style for safety.


Lumo’s philosophy is simple and compelling: make cycling apparel to be seen in, on and off the bike. Once the technical details are sorted, the ultimate test is the ‘bar test’: would I feel good walking into a bar wearing this? We think it’s thanks to this philosophy (and the brand’s attention to the little details in product design to get a look and fit which is ‘right’ both on and off the bike) that Lumo has had some great feedback on their products to date.

10/10. One of the very best jackets we've ever tested. Exceptional performance, great cut and features, clever lighting.

Jamie Wilkins, Urban Cyclist

This jacket is beautiful and has been getting a lot of love from myself and those who see it. It is beautifully made and has a lot of well thought out urban cycling features.

Emily Esche, London Cyclist

A great looking and impressively performing jacket that will really light up your commute.

Oli Pendrey, Road.cc

Goddam, if it ain’t my new favourite casual riding jacket! It’s lush!

Juliet Elliot, Bikes-N-Stuff

There’s painfully hip and there’s just plain painful; LUMO should help you stay the first and avoid the second.

Euan Ferguson, Timeout

Following on from their success with the Herne Hill Harrington Jacket, Regents Parka and Bermondsey Backpack amongst other pieces, Lumo are in the process of bringing out a new member of the Lumo family - the Clissold Bomber Jacket (shown in images below). The Clissold Bomber is based on the classic military issue MA-1 flight jacket style, adapted for cycling and incorporating the brand’s innovative waterproof LED lighting system. The jacket is again being launched through a Kickstarter campaign and should be available from February 2017.



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