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Landed - some tasty additions to our Ornot product range for Spring '16

In the world of cycle clothing, Ornot is certainly one of the new kids on the block. Born in 2013, this young brand (not even old enough to start school yet!) happily rubs shoulders in the Always Riding roster alongside the old timers of the cycle apparel world, such as De Marchi (1946 - gee whizz) and Vittoria (1976 - a veritable teenager).

Despite being a relative newcomer to world of bike apparel, Ornot has consistently punched above its weight, with its distinctive ‘capsule wardrobe’ collection proving decidedly popular for the discerning rider. It's fair to say then that Ornot pieces are firm favourites in these parts, so there's always an air of excitement when new Ornot kit becomes available. Taking the attitude of ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’, most of the changes for 2016 are more colour scheme than tech-focused, although there have been a few technical tweaks here and there. The new colour palette includes a rich golden yellow, bold purple (sparingly applied to trimmings to accent pieces), subtle dusky grey and a new blue.

Ornot’s brand new ‘Golden’ range features gorgeous sun/San Francisco-inspired pieces including the race-fit Golden Jersey (designed with warm weather riding in mind), the lightweight windproof Golden Vest and the funky four-colour multi-patterned Golden Cap.



Ornot Golden Vest worn over Ornot Golden Jersey


The highly visible Safety Orange jersey is now available in women’s as well as men’s cuts and offers a stand-out-from-the-crowd option for those looking for some high quality hi-vis action.

The Wind Jacket 2.0 (available in men’s and women’s cuts) is an update of the super-packable Wind Jacket, with a lighter colour scheme and minor refinements to the cut of the jacket.



Ornot Wind Jacket 2.0


Two other new Ornot products worth checking out are the Thermal Jacket 2.0 (an update to the Thermal Jacket, with less bulk but the same amount of warmth and greater protection from the elements) and the Grey Skull Long Sleeve Jersey, another fine piece for winter riding.



Ornot Greyskull Long Sleeve Jersey


Finally, if you’re looking to update your drink receptacle(s) there is the new Big Green Bottle, another Ornot product which does what it says on the can. It is big (0.76 litres) and green - very green in colour and also recyclable in the longer term.



Ornot Thermal Jacket 2.0


If that’s not enough to get the juices flowing, Ornot also make bibs and socks!



New Season Ornot


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