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In the world of outdoor apparel, the word waterproof is not only thrown around a lot, but frequently confused with water resistant. When it comes to Portland brand Showers Pass though, it's a word not to be taken lightly.

With their collection of waterproof cycle clothing having proven itself against some of the toughest, heaviest, most puddle inducing torrentials out there, Showers Pass kit has earned a deserved reputation amongst the touring, commute & adventure road bike communities for well-priced, solid kit, with recommendations often spread by word-of-mouth on the cycling grapevine. Having catered for the wet weather needs from the lofty likes of the pro-peloton to the firebrand commuter, it was only a matter of time before they branched out from jackets and trousers to robust and rugged bags.

Billed as the Cloudcover Range, the aim of the game was simple. Make a bunch of bags that are as water tight, practical, and as long lasting as the Showers Pass clothing lines. The results? Well, they speak for themselves...


Showers Pass Waterproof Bags - The Cloudcover Collection

So then, what's in the range, and what sort of bags are we talking about? Well, ever grounded in the reality of your race day or ride, Cloudcover collection includes two backpacks and one holdall, all of which are about as waterproof as it's possible to get. Welded taped seams, a single sided TPU coating, and an 850 denier ballistic strength nylon assure both water tightness and unrivalled durability.

With the Utility backpack distinct from the Transit by means of 26L vs 42L capacity, it's clear that there's specialism within the range. Whilst the Transit is the travel or huge-haul backpack, the Utility is very much the year round commuter's best friend. Both furnished with numerous easy access pockets for keys, water bottles and pumps, these backpacks are simply wonderful items for fully-loaded living. Add on the integrated LED beacon lights, 3M reflective tubing, specialised laptop compartments and 3D foam pack panelling, and it becomes clear that these packs are brilliantly conceived with all season urban riding and commuting in mind.

The Refuge Duffle though takes a different tact. Rather than being the bag you cycle with, the Refuge Duffle is the holdall that allows you to go cycling. Designed with separate and moveable inner dividers, the Refuge Waterproof Duffle bag keeps your various bibs, arm warmers, and post ride kit dry whilst you're off turning the pedals in the worst of it. With a neat fold-out waterproof changing matt for the ritualistic bib short removal dance, or post deluge towel down.


So, if you were looking for a bag that's going to be a hermetically sealed home for your kit, the new Cloudcover Range of bags from Showers Pass are certainly a good call. If your interest has been piqued, then why not check out the individual bags themselves at Always Riding, or, if you're rather keen to find out more about the brand behind the bags, why not peruse the Showers Pass Collection in store? Either way, we're not going to let anything rain on your parade!

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