Now that the clocks have changed, the self-denial really needs to stop... winter is most definitely, certainly coming, and we can’t do anything to halt its progress. With the shift to Greenwich Mean Time in the UK signalling the start of a long period of dark evenings and increasingly darker mornings here, we're still coming to terms with the cold hard fact that we will not be able to head out post-work (or, increasingly, pre-work) on the bike without lights for the next five months… sad times indeed.

However, it's not all doom and gloom, because just in time for this extra darkness in our lives, we have got our mitts (or more appropriately our bulky winter gloves) on a tasty new selection of lights which will brighten up the darkest commute or post work pedal in the most literal sense - if you find yourself regularly riding routes which are unlit other than by the light provided by your bike lights (or think that this is something which you might like to try), you might be interested in the latest addition to our lights range: Exposure bike lights.


Exposure bike lights are high-powered LED lights for cycling which are designed and manufactured in the UK using top quality components. Rather than purely trying to max out on the lumens, their lights will pump out (a tactic used by some less sophisticated lights brands), Exposure focus on making lights that just work exceedingly well for their intended purpose. For example, the Exposure Strada 800 front light (which is designed primarily for road riding) provides 800 lumens of brightness but also uses a bespoke lens which provides a wide flat beam - this means that when you’re riding on the road you’ll have all the light you need to clearly see the road ahead but directed in a way that won’t dazzle other road users and which will also make you more visible from side junctions.


Similarly, the Exposure Race MK11 front light (which is designed primarily for cross-country night riding) has a Reflex mode which will adjust the amount of light it provides to the terrain you are riding and how you are riding it (via an analysis of gradient, acceleration, and cornering). All Exposure bike lights have built in Intelligent Thermal Management technology - this is important because high power LEDs generate a lot of heat which, if not managed sufficiently, can prevent the light from working efficiently or even cause it to fail - definitely not what you want mid-ride!


Exposure bike lights also all have lots of useful features to make night riding as convenient as possible - all provide accurate information on battery life and burn time via integrated indicators or displays and their intuitive mode switching systems make it easy to toggle between modes whilst on the go. The actual design of the lights' switches has also been carefully considered - for example, the Exposure Diablo light uses a patent pending Tap Activated Power system which will interpret a tap on the light or helmet (when it is helmet mounted) as an attempt to switch mode, and will change mode accordingly, and some models come with remote switches so you can operate the light virtually without changing hand position at all. All these nice touches really add to the ride experience, especially when you’re riding fast and technical and want your hands on the handlebars as much as possible.


Unlike some other high power LED bike light brands, all Exposure lights are cable free, making them an easy option to fit as you’re only mounting the light unit and not a separate battery pack too - this also makes them really lightweight too, and is particularly good if you want a helmet mounted front light option. Talking of which, Exposure make one of the best helmet mounts out there (this comes as standard with the Exposure Diablo light and the Exposure Joystick light) - a ball and socket joint with brilliant adjustability which bolts securely onto your helmet. The overall feeling we get from the Exposure range is that their lights work really well because they are designed by people who use them - real riders who really get what you need from a bike light for night riding.

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As you can probably tell, we’re pretty taken by Exposure bike lights and are chuffed to be adding them to our range - if you are looking for a light for night riding (whether it’s blacktop or the more chunky stuff that is your cup of tea), they are well worth a look in.

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