Etxeondo: From Sean Kelly to your next ride

Kas, Banesto, Once, Euskal Euskadi, Reynolds - legendary names from cycling's rich history. A time of Indurain, Kelly and Delgado, of blood, sweat & bidons, a time when an Epic Ride was truly worthy of the name. In this maelstrom of greatness, Etxeondo clothed them all.

A Dior start

The fashion houses of Dior & Balenciaga might at first glance seem to have little connection to Etxeondo, yet it was in Haute Couture that the Basque brand's founder Francisco Rodrigo began his career, before deciding to pursue his heart & true love of cycling with the establishment of Etxeondo in 1976.

Gastronomy with your ride?

Named in honour of the village where the very first items were made, Etxeondo (pronounced 'Etchayondo' and written always as one word) is based in the Basque heartland of Irura near the fabled town of San Sebastian. Recently voted by consumer group Which? as the world's best city for food (a Pintxo or two chased with a coffee or Caña is the Basque version of our cake stop), San Sebastian also happens to be surrounded by some of Europe's most magnificent road riding terrain. Not only then the ideal place to test new cycle clothing prototypes, but also a sharp restorative to excessive gastronomic delight.

Taking quality to heart

The first few months of any brand's life are precarious to say the least. After long years clothing the greats, they've now most certainly paid their dues. Yet back in 1976, Etxeondo was just another brand with no more right to succeed than the next. The fact that Etxeondo thrived in the ensuing years owes much to Francisco's guiding principles - home grown sampling and manufacture (to this day all Etxeondo apparel is proudly made in Spain) combined with the finest trims, fabric, detailing and finishing available. It's a formula that remains unchanged to this day.

A passionate bunch

Nowadays Etxeondo is still very much the company Francisco started all those years ago. Fabric developments come and go, but an unwavering passion for pure, unadulterated cycling is what has inspired Etxeondo to keep developing rider centric apparel - from Sean Kelly to your next ride.

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