David Millar and PEdAL ED at the London Parkour Ride

Neo ex-pro David Millar recently took part in the first edition of the London Parkour Ride and considering he opted for the PEdAL ED Kanaya Jacket and Reflective Jeans, we thought it feature-worthy to highlight that the marquee road rider at the event pulled on PEdAL ED's finest threads. Plus he looked seriously cool cruising the course in his Poc Octal and jeans of course!


David Millar PEdAL ED


The event was eventually won by BMX king Liam Phillips as the course as a whole favoured the BMX riders who edged out the MTB competitors for the podium spots. Spare a thought for the hard charging but ultimately unsuccessful road and fixed wheel riders though, whose number didn't fare as well on a tight course where overtaking was nigh on impossible.


David Millar PEdAL ED


The event as a whole was a big success and at Always Riding we hope it becomes a firm fixture on the burgeoning list of races across the capital as well as rolling out to other UK cities in due course.

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