Choosing the best entry level bib shorts

Road riding without the proper apparel can certainly lessen the enjoyment of a great day out on the bike, so we’d love to take a moment to pen a few of our thoughts on what for us at least, makes a great entry level bib short; that essential, but often unrecognised workhorse of the ride.

What is ‘entry level’?

What we ask from a bib short is nothing less than daily heroism. Comfort, breathability, ‘fit and forget’ - for us entry level is where these attributes take over, and not before. For this reason, we’d set the bar at around £60-£80 - anything substantially lower and mid to long distance regular ride comfort will almost certainly take a back seat. And just to clarify, 80 - 100 miles a week would be classed as mid-distance, something which a commuter and weekend club run regular could easily achieve.

A ride in the sun, made a lot nicer with the right bib shorts!

As we have blogged about before though, looking to your ride regularity will always be a better guide then looking at price alone. As an example, if you’re heading out to ride L'Étape du Tour, or a similarly long distance hot sportive, we’d recommend starting your bib short search from £90 + where the advances in chamois technology will really pay dividends in tough temperatures.

3 things every good entry level bib short should have

Comfy straps - they should feel non-restrictive, and always comfortable

Great lycra - no two are alike, but good material will comfort, protect and support your legs. Here'a an insider tip - if there are less to no graphics on the lycra, it's better quality. You just can't print on the best quality lycra.

A top notch chamois - Non bulky, breathable and supportive in all the right places. If you still feel good after 50 miles, it’s a keeper.

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