Castelli Linea Pelle - The Raceday Skincare Range

The Linea Pelle collection is Castelli's first entry into the skincare market. Developed over the course of two years to ensure the Italian brand's rigourous racing prestige and credentials are upheld, this range marks a departure from skinsuits, but complements their well-regarded bib-short line for the rider looking to hit regular miles in the saddle.


With the widely accepted fact that comfort is key if you're to put in a good time on the bike, Castelli have taken a The Tour de France Devil's approach with a three pronged assault on poorly posteriors, wild weather and cold calves. Composed largely from natural ingredients, the collection includes a Chamois Dry Lube to put an end to discomfort in the saddle, a Warming Embro Cream to get your legs fired up for the fleet footed climbs, and a Foul Weather Cream to keep your body from the cold and rain whilst you're otherwise wishing you were cycling in Spain. If, of course, you've been riding hard into this New Year's cyclonic surprises, then, well, perhaps all three would do the trick?


The Castelli Linea Pelle augments your biking experience by giving you the confidence to tackle that Westerly whilst co-existing happily with the myriad of technical synthetic fabrics in your cycling arsenal, or "wardrobe" as I have heard it called. So, come along and cast your eyes over the entire range available here at Always Riding.





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