12 Of The Best Women's Road Cycling Gifts

Round three of our cycling gift guides features a selection of our favourite goodies for roadies of the XX variety: '12 Of The Best Women's Road Cycling Gifts'. Combining some of our top women-specific items with a variety of other bits and pieces, scroll down if you're looking for something lovely to treat your favourite female road cyclist.


12 Of The Best Women's Road Cycling Gifts

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About the Rider: Anne
Domestique-in-training, Anne’s unique selling points are her super-strong thumbs (a hangover from her days as a beefy bike mechanic) and her enthusiasm for cake (both baking and eating). When she isn’t sorting out returns or writing for the website she can be found working to make the transport system better for cycling (in her non-Always Riding role as a transport planner), fixing up friends’ bikes or enjoying the ride.
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